Isabelle Gerard

Appointment hours

The salon is open Monday through Saturday, by appointment only, which allows me to give you my undivided attention and accommodate your individual needs.

A peaceful environment is as important to good skin care as effective products; therefore, you will rarely reach me directly on the phone, as I turn it off while I am with a client. If you wish to schedule an appointment, or inquire further about the services I offer, you are welcome to leave a voice message at 510-339-6615, or use the form below to send me a note.

Personalized appointments

Because every one of my appointments is personalized — there is no “one size fits all” at my studio 🙂 — I opted to not use a standardized web booking tool. I recommend instead that new clients send me a message through this contact page. I will respond personally to each enquiry by email, with specific date and time suggestions for the service they seek.

I check my voice messages hourly, and I return emails within a day.

Looking forward to welcoming you in my studio,

Isabelle Gerard

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