Isabelle Gerard

I received my professional training in France, where I was awarded (Paris 1983) a Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) en Esthétique-Cosmétique, the highest diploma awarded by the French government in the field.

My degree required a two-year study of the physiology and pathologies of the skin, as well as the physics and chemistry applied to the formulation of cosmetics. After graduation, I taught cosmetology in France for four years, before moving to California in 1987.

Since opening my studio, I have been dedicated to helping my clients with their skin concerns and cosmetic choices by sharing my expertise and experience. My focus is individualized care and quality ingredients, be it in the treatment of blemishes, the comfort of sensitive skin or the steps to delay aging.

Hair removal through waxing is one of my specialties, and I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of expert face and body waxing.

My private skin care clinic is located in the heart of Montclair Village in Oakland, where I have been practicing in the profession for over 25 years. I am proud to still cater to my earliest clients and their families, and I welcome new clients with warmth and pleasure.

Isabelle Gerard